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Mountain Themed Nursery Reveal

by - Saturday, February 08, 2020

I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to be able to share these pictures with you, finally! This room has been in our heads since 2015, when we returned from our honeymoon in the Canadian Rockies and knew that we wanted our future child's nursery to be mountain themed. Shortly after that, we began trying for a family and as you likely know by now, after beginning the process of IVF, we only just fell pregnant back in 2019 and are expecting our little bundle of joy any day now! (More on that in this post)

So, we've had tonnes of fun planning out exactly how we wanted this space to look, and getting started on converting our spare room into this beautiful, calm space fit for our little man. Not to mention picking up all the decor and accessories over the past six months! A couple of bits we've actually had nestled away for the past 4 years, when we found them in the sale in a shop in Brighton and fell in love with them instantly - I remember thinking then it felt like a bit of a jinx getting stuff so early on and maybe it kinda was!?

Originally, this room was Paul's bedroom back when he lived with his best friend - and at the time it was a bit of a mod shrine, hence the giant target on the wall. Once his friend moved out and I moved in, and we both moved into the big bedroom together - this room became the spare bedroom / dumping ground, as so many spare rooms do! It served us well over the years for the occasional guest, but other than that was a fairly useless space for us.

Once we'd got the mountains drawn out, we got them masked up and began to paint - and it became almost an obsession because we were just so excited to see it all come together! 

So you can imagine how lovely it's been, after years of dreaming about it, to turn this space into the nursery that we'd always hoped we would one day need.

I love this photo of me - yes I'm in painting scruffs that don't fit over my bump, unwashed hair and no make up but I can remember so clearly just how wonderfully content I was in that moment. With both Christmas and redecorating the hallway (I'll save that one for another time!) we got to January and still hadn't started on the nursery - and being due in February this was making me a bit anxious... So to have a weekend where we were finally able to start on it together just felt so special.

Of course Paul knocked it outta the park again - I knew exactly how I wanted the mountains to look, but couldn't find any photos that we could replicate - I tried to explain it to him and hoped we could get somewhere near what I was thinking. Somehow it was as though he was tracing them right out of my brain - he absolutely smashed what I'd been wanting to achieve and made it look even better than I could have hoped for! (Which is exactly how my tattoo design came about - I tried for months to get the design right and couldn't quite get there - he sat down, did one sketch and produced the very thing I'd been picturing that I couldn't get down onto paper!)

Oh my, was that an exciting evening - we were up until gone midnight building the furniture because we just couldn't wait any longer and wanted to see it start to take shape as a nursery.

And then with a few hooks added to the walls, a few holes drilled for shelves and a deep clean - our spare room was finally, finally a nursery...

The colour scheme kind of came about a little bit accidentally - Paul bought me some of the decor for Christmas and by that point we hadn't even started on the room - it no longer had a bed in but was filled with boxes and bags of baby bits that were waiting for their new homes. He based the colours he chose around bits we already had (the changing mat for example) and started to build a collection from there.

And once everything went in the room together against the greys of the mountains, it really started to look like a baby boy's bedroom. The softness of the walls kept it all feeling calm and peaceful - perfect for those late night feeds and bedtime routines - probably needed just as much for my sake as Pea's!

This gorgeous mobile was one of the many wonderful gifts from my colleagues when I left work - I still can't get over how perfectly it fits in with everything.

Excuse the empty photo frame - it's ready and waiting for Pea's first ever photo... what an exciting thought!

The books are a mixture of ones we've bought and some of my favourites from my childhood - I'm already looking forward to reading back over them with Pea and having all those glorious memories come flooding back!

And this darling little badger was a gift from my work bestie - is he not just the most adorable little thing ever? I'm sure you don't get badgers in the Canadian Rockies but of course they're an exception to the rule here!

I'd always known I wanted baskets in here to fill with his toys, and I was thrilled when we found these two in Homesense. We thought they really looked like little snow-capped mountain baskets and so fitted in perfectly! We got an extra one to keep by the armchair filled with muslins - I know I'm going to be grateful for not having to get up and go over to the drawers to rummage for muslins when I've got a feeding Bubba in my arms! 

Safe to say, this room has quickly become our favourite in the whole house and we have spent many an evening sitting in here just staring at everything and chatting away about bringing our little boy home to it for the first time. And given that our due date is just two days away, of course we can't help but wonder just how soon that will be...

Products featured are:
Paint Colours - Grey Steel 1, 2, 3 & 4 by Dulux
Cot - John Lewis
Chest of Drawers & Shelves- Ikea
Armchair - Homesense
Side Table - Homebase
Faux Fur Rug & Underbed Storage Trunks - Dunelm
Bear Rug, Book Ends, Bear Nightlight, Hedgehog Rattle, Fabric Wall Hanging & Bear Blackboard - Sass & Belle
Animal Prints & Mobile - Etsy 
Raccoon Nightlight - The Range
Mountain Changing Mat - The Gilded Bird
Bear cushion, Wall-mounted Bear Head, Cuddly Bear & Squirrel - H&M

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