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The October Edit | 2018

by - Saturday, November 10, 2018

Beautiful October

Hello and happy November to you!

October saw us freshly returned from our big States trip and very excited to get all autumnal and cosy, having spent most of September in 38 degree heat.

So everything became very orange very quickly... from the little pumpkin display scattered along our dining table, to the flurry of autumn leaves that adorned our mantlepiece. And it didn't stop there - my autumn wardrobe came out in all it's brown, gold and red glory, I made countless foodstuffs with the apples from our tree and we even managed to fit in a visit to the pumpkin farm with the brother in law, big sister and our little nephew.

Home-baked Goodness

We are very fortunate to have inherited a mature Blenheim apple tree in our garden, and while it is somewhat of a pain in summer as it blocks a lot of light - it really comes into its own come September. The fruit grows plumper and riper throughout the month until finally in October the branches can't take the weight anymore and the apples begin to drop. Crisp green apples tinged with a rosy blush turned sweeter and more crimson as the month went on. Normally October would see me offloading as many apples as possible to other people but this year I really got in the swing of using them for just about everything.

Apple & Cinnamon muffins for breakfast; Sausage, Mustard and Apple tart for dinner; Apple and Blackberry Crumble for dessert; Toffee Apples for Halloween - even Spiced Apple Chutney now sits in jars waiting patiently for the Christmas cheese to come out. I've never made so much from this autumn bounty - we were even adding apple chunks to chicken casseroles for a sweeter bite, not to mention the one or two apples a day I've eaten at my desk since the first drop back in late September.

It's been really lovely and has given me a real sense of accomplishment for making the most of what nature has given us - next year I'll definitely look forward to the harvest rather than dread the month-and-a-half apple drop!

Autumn Walks

As soon as the leaves began to change, I was itching to get out and about to kick my feet through all those fallen crunchy leaves. I'm grateful to have had many opportunities in October to immerse myself in all the wonderful colour and light of autumn, not to mention the cold snap that meant I could finally dust off my coats and snuggle down in scarfs, hats and gloves.

One of the things encouraging me outside in the cold has been the huge amount of baseball that Paul has been playing since returning to the UK - nippy Sunday mornings in Cambridge have been spent down on the American sports field watching him stealing a taste of Atlanta once again.

Also how fab is this photo that he took on a timer? I can't take credit for this unfortunately but he certainly takes selfie to a whole new level!

Pumpkin Picking

The highlight of October is often an afternoon spent down at the pumpkin patch. This year was spent with our wonderful Sister & Brother in Law and our little Nephew Max, at Cammas Hall Fruit Farm in Hatfield Broad Oak.

Its safe to say Max was more excited by the aeroplanes flying overhead, but the adults certainly enjoyed wandering around looking for pumpkins!

And would I even be a real photographer / embarrassing Aunty if I didn't plop Max in a wheelbarrow and take his photo!?

Conker Picking

Our other autumnal moment of note in October was a brief drive down Chestnut Avenue, which is a beautiful, long straight road that waves gently over the fields and is lined with ancient horse chestnut trees.

We stopped for a quick wander in the surrounding woods and stumbled upon an untouched paradise of fallen leaves and endless amounts of shiny brown conkers.

Of course it's imperative to match your outfit to your autumn activity - even if it was an impromptu stop off! This was the rust-coloured beret's first day out of the wardrobe since last winter and I'm super glad that it's back!

And Onto November...

I hope you all had a wonderful October filled with lots of glorious golden tones. I'm happy to see that the autumn leaves are sticking around a bit longer and keeping November a flurry of crimson, ochre and chocolate brown.

I love this time of year so much; the evenings become cosier, the days see us wrapped up in woolly layers; the excitement of festivities arrives on the horizon and nature glows in a fiery blaze of colour. 

Soon the trees will shake off their leafy jackets and the snuggling season will be upon us - the season of course, for curling up by the fire, wrapping hands around hot chocolates and watching delicate snowflakes flutter to the ground in a magnificent dance of icy wonder.

I wish you a beautiful November and I look forward to seeing you back here soon - I'm currently working on some ultimate Christmas wish listing - and I can't wait to share it with you!

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