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American Road Trip 2018 | Driving The Blue Ridge Parkway

by - Saturday, October 06, 2018

I can't even remember how we found out about the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was likely the result of a Google Image search for 'American Road Trip' whilst looking for inspiration. Whenever and however we found it, it quickly became a definitive pin in the map and a big part of our Deep South holiday plans.
After driving down from Washington DC, with a quick motel stop in Roanoke, we eventually hit the BRP shortly before sunset on day 2. We only covered a short distance (and got a few snaps) before we arrived at our next bed for the night, Bear Den Mountain Cabins.

After an evening toasting marshmallows on the campfire outside our mountain cabin (more about this stay to follow), we woke early and ambled along the BRP with the whole day ahead of us for taking in the scenery and plenty of photo ops.

The sweeping roads coupled with breathtaking scenery made this one drive we won't ever forget. Smoothly descending down the mountainside then climbing once again, higher and higher through the clouds, around rocky mountain faces and the occasional hairpin bend.

And every now and then, stopping off at overlooks to breathe in the fresh mountain air whilst gazing out into the vast dappled landscape of the Appalachian mountains, then watching the weather change in a matter of moments.

Discovering the wilderness that grows atop the untouched mountaintop...

Come late afternoon, the mountains began to get bigger and our little white car pushed to climb higher. We had arrived at the Great Smoky Mountains and the highest elevation of the Blue Ridge Parkway; 6,053 feet.

Then, as the BRP came to an end at Cherokee, North Carolina, we joined the main road once again and took a short detour to find Soco Falls.

After a slightly treacherous climb down a series of slippery rocks with only old bits of rope to hold on to, we arrived to a view of the 60 foot falls with water splashing onto the rocks below in an almighty crash of sound.

The sheer force of this natural waterfall and the difficult journey to it made this a being to be reckoned with. We stood for a short while, breathing in the cool, calm air and feeling the spray on our faces before beginning the climb back up to the main ground, then continuing our journey on to our next bed for the night as the sun began to set around us.

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