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Sunhats & Lavender

by - Tuesday, August 14, 2018

After being super hectic for the past few months with barely any free time, we've finally been able to slow things down a little and just enjoy the last drop of summer.

So a couple of weeks back, we packed up a picnic and headed over to a lavender farm in Hitchin for a chilled afternoon amongst the flowers. We have the most wonderful traditional picnic basket, which was a wedding gift from a dear friend, and I get stupidly excited at the idea of getting it all packed up for a day out!

We whiled away the time under the hazy summer sun with the ultimate goal being to simply slow things down and relax. The clouds offered a welcome retreat from the 30 degree sun but the humidity was unavoidable! 

We then wandered up to the main field, armed with a paper bag and a pair of scissors, and waded through the tangled throngs of scented stems to pick some lavender. The bees and the butterflies fluttered and buzzed as we snipped and snapped our way through the field.

What an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon... yes, we may have come home with tiny red scratches all over our ankles and yes, despite the cloud cover it was insanely hot and sticky with no shade to hide beneath - but waltzing through such beautiful flowers, where every brush-past releases a new batch of heady lavender scent and the views of rolling indigo hillside all around really can't be beaten on an English summer's day.

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