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Italian Adventures: Sunning it up in San Gimignano

by - Thursday, May 10, 2018

So we're back to a sunny Tuscan September again, this time featuring our day out to the wonderful ancient town of San Gimignano. We got up early and drove an hour south to head to this little town that we'd pinpointed on the map over breakfast. 

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As we were driving out of San Miniato that morning, we took a quick stop off to take some pictures next to an original Fiat 500 that we found parked up in an opening beside the road.

However, as I took my camera out of the car, a little old lady sidled up to it, got in and drove off! So that was our photo op gone. 😆 Instead, we used the now empty clearing to celebrate our beautiful little modern Fiat, and this gorgeous vintage dress that I love so very much...

 The drive went quickly and we soon arrived into even more breathtaking scenery than from where we'd come - it was a bit more like the adverts for visiting Tuscany that you see. Some of the most stunning landscapes I've ever witnessed - miles and miles of rolling countryside interspersed with cyrpus lined avenues, vineyards and olive groves. Faded terracotta houses nestled in amongst valleys and perched atop hillsides sitting like little gems on a rockface.

Once we managed to pull ourselves away from that dusty lay-by on the side of the road where time stopped while we stood in awe of the landscape, we headed into San Gimignano to park up and explore the walled town.

No idea what's caught my attention here - I can only assume one of the many shops that flanked the cobbled street on the way to the main piazza. I'm watching something pretty intently!

After documenting the evidence of Paul actually wearing shorts out in public, we ambled up to a pizzeria at the top of the central piazza, where we sipped beer under the shade of a large parasol.

After that, we just wandered.  

And made new friends. 

As the afternoon drew on, we decided to head back to rest before dinner. On the journey home I suddenly yelled 'STOP!' because I'd finally found that postcard picture that was Tuscany.

Bianca had to have her moment too, of course...

Once we arrived back at the villa, we chilled for a while enjoying the most peaceful spot on our little hillside surrounded by Tuscan countryside, listening to the wind blowing through the trees and the Church bell chiming.

We then got changed and popped into town for our anniversary dinner - these are the only two photos we took but we had a lovely evening!

Pouring wine as always...

It was a wonderful day, other than my pining my belt in far too tightly for eating dinner and realising that Italians like to use a lot more salt in their food than I'm used to! I had a porcini mushroom and truffle pasta dish and Paul had a very good plate of steak. The best part of the meal was of course the wine - don't ask me what it was but it was possibly the best red wine I've ever had!

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