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HOME TOUR: Living Room

by - Sunday, March 04, 2018

The living room - where do I start!? This one was always a bit of a battle between the two of us - I wanted everything white, but Paul wasn't keen on that idea at all. We then both stumbled upon some lovely mustard and teal curtains (that we certainly weren't looking for!) and finally found a middle ground in which to settle. And to be honest, I'm pretty glad that I never won the white battle, because although it's still a look that I love, I love this one so much more...

Gradually, over the years, I'd begun to creep towards dark woods and muted tones of a rich colour palette - ultimately resulting in me now having somewhat of an obsession with mid-century living - and that suits both of us just fine.

So this is where we have now arrived - taking our old 1930s house and turning it into a retro retreat with carefully selected textures, warm tones and some key period features. We're currently waiting very patiently for the arrival of our new sofa that we ordered last week. It's the first proper piece of furniture that we've ever bought and it's the missing puzzle piece for this room. Keep an eye on Instagram for it's arrival!

Armchair & Faux Sheepskin | Ikea
Coffee Table | Vintage Ercol
Record Player | Vintage Dansette Major
Bespoke Bar | Handmade by Hubby (!)
Floor Rug | Dunelm
Mid Century Cat Ornaments | Dunelm

Cushion | Orla Kiely
Lampbase | Ikea
Badger Lampshade | Georgia Wilkinson
Candle | Orla Kiely
Glass Photo Frame | Laura Ashley
Side Table | Vintage

A few weeks before Christmas last year, Paul had a vision and somehow managed to build his very own bespoke bar completely from scratch. I still look at it now and struggle to believe that it isn't a genuine piece of mid century furniture.

It's definitely worth it's weight in gold, too - not just for entertaining guests, we've also spent a fair few nights mixing cocktails after dinner with a record turning on the Dansette.

Clock | eBay

Hello there little one!

These are the curtains where it all started, but all I can remember is they were from 'a curtain shop in a retail park in Bury St Edmunds' - it was so long ago I have no idea what the shop was or even if it's still there!

Plant Pot | Orla Kiely

This antique Ercol table is my greatest furniture find of all time... I managed to save it just before it went into a skip - just because it had a water mark on it - seriously, who just throws out a £500 piece of classic Ercol!?

I'm pleased to say it's been very happy in its new home ever since... And it has a hella lotta love in its new life!


I bought this early Andy Warhol print for Paul one year for our Anniversary. Not only does it have the right sentiment, it's a cat, it's teal, and it's Andy Warhol. Win win win!

Herringbone Cushion | Dunelm
Patterned Cushion | Orla Kiely

We really can't wait for the new sofa to arrive - I'll pop something up on here when it does - watch this space!

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