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Cocktails & Copper

by - Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Cloche | Camden Market         Wiggle Skirt with Kick Pleat | Hellbunny         Top | Collectif
Shoes | Vintage Bally         Gloves | Vintage         Pearls | Vintage

A little over a week ago, we headed down to London for Paul's birthday present gig: Celebrate Otis Redding with Mudibu and the Jezebel Sextet. After a quick detour round Brick Lane vintage markets on the way, we then got the tube down to Pizza Express Live in Holborn for the gig.

The outfit...

I actually threw my outfit together as a bit of a last minute thing, so you can imagine my delight (which you maybe even followed along on Instagram stories!) when I realised that my new, and as of yet, unworn cloche would set the outfit off perfectly.

I love a bit of leopard but I'm very fussy when it comes to prints like this - it's got to be subtle if it's going to have class - I can't pull off big bursts of colour and pattern, that's just too busy for me. So black accompanied by the muted browns of the leopard top and hat made a perfect base on which to build - and the addition of gold buckled shoes, ivory pearls and burgundy gloves created the perfect outfit for a wet January evening in the big city. Not to mention back seam stockings for that extra kick of vintage flair! I matched my handbag to the pearls and wrapped up warm in my supersize vintage faux fur coat in chocolate brown.


Plus, as I suspected in my last post - it rained for most of the day so the cloche was perfectly practical as well as just plain awesome!

The evening...

Around 6.30pm, we stepped out of the rain into the ground-floor restaurant of a bog-standard Pizza Express branch, where we were directed down a spiral staircase into the basement. They took our names and guided us into a low-lit room - and that's when it became something totally magical.

A low ceilinged, curved stage backlit with neon tube writing sat opposite little bistro tables scattered about the place, and the copper bar that bordered the stage was dotted with Pizza and cocktail menus, beneath the soft light of the bar-mounted lamps. We were shown to our front row seats on the hammond side and settled in with a cocktail and some olives.

The tables began to fill as we ate our pizza and before long, the lights were lowered and the band appeared on stage.

I must confess, I didn't actually take any photos of the band -  my battery was super low and I was far too busy enjoying the show! But they truly were amazing. They all exuded such energy and fun that every second was a delight to witness. It almost felt as though we'd stumbled upon one of their rehearsals - they were so relaxed throughout and chatted to the audience between songs - it really was a fantastic gig.

Once the music was over, Paul talked shop with the hammond player then we strolled back to the tube to head back home. The evening was everything that it needed to be; a rainy January night in London, an underground jazz club, wonderful music, Italian food and a couple of cocktails to wash it all down.

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