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2017 in Pictures

by - Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Happy New Year to you!

While I'm busy sitting here muttering 'I can't believe it's been another year!' repeatedly to myself, I'll leave you with the last year in pictures...

Highlights include the arrival of our precious little Nephew, Max, lots of wonderful trips away, a very luxurious birthday treat and all the great gigs that Paul played throughout the year - including setting the world record for playing Booker T's 'Green Onions' for 3 hours solidly and raising over £1,000 for Addenbrooke's Breast Cancer Appeal. I also got to see my best friend while she was between jobs in Poland and China - it was so good to see her again.

Paul's Birthday in Brighton

Valentine's Day

My Birthday in London

Attending the wedding of two lovely friends... where Paul played keys during the ceremony and reception!

My lovely sister and brother in law's mini baby shower

And a walk into town a week later while waiting for the news of our Nephew's arrival...
...who then showed up and changed our lives just a little bit, forever

Little Max, who I still maintain is the spitting image of my sister when she was small

Birthday trips to beautiful Bath with the family...

Where we did lots of relaxing!

Then that day in July where Paul raised over £3,000 for Addenbrooke's Breast Cancer Appeal

At the Stax European tour 2017

Then down to Devon to celebrate big sis' 30th Birthday, with lots of pink and gold and pineapples!

...and spa time 🙌

Lots of time in our summer garden

And American Dinin' with my best friend Joely in between her travels

The Father in Law came to stay and we had a traditional English roast in the sunshine with family!

Making personalised wedding gifts for lovely friends

And having lots of fun at our second & third weddings of the year!

Jetting off to Italy for our Tuscan Anniversary holiday

Which apparently mostly consisted of a lot of photos of me drinking vino rosso!

And then returning home to beautiful English autumn

Our first day of Aunty & Uncle duties: babysitting!
...with the help of Spongebob!

Heading to a friend's 80s themed party dressed as the best Bullseye duo...

...still my favourite fancy dress to date!

Countryside winter walks

Keeping snuggly warm with hot chocolates while the snow fluttered down in town

New prints available (and now on sale!) in my Etsy shop

Getting to dress up like Christmas loons to take Max to meet Santa! a fairy-lit tepee with a real log fire which we later used to toast marshmallows

And the magical moment when Max met Santa for the very first time.

Our very own little Christmas Day, just us at home in our PJs aaall day!

A very woodland themed Christmas!

With a traditional Italian Christmas Day dinner

Then onto Mum and Dad's for Boxing Day with the family...

Wait for it...
I think Santa got Max's list!

And home again the day after to all that snow...

Then another (!) Christmas Day with Paul's family at our house
And lastly, a quiet New Year's Eve spent with friends over from Canada, catching up and playing vintage table football with a drink or two.

Christmas and New Year were very laid back this time around, Paul actually spent a lot of it on the sofa or in bed as he was ill for the most part - but I can't complain because it forced me to just stop and relax - have massive lay ins, curl up on the sofa and watch films with him. Just stop, be together and do nothing - and it was great.

Happy New Year to you all, I hope 2017 has brought you love, peace and joy, and may 2018 continue to do so.

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