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The Mountains are Calling...

by - Friday, September 08, 2017

Sunset over Moraine Lake, Alberta, Canada with Colourful Canoes piled on decking. Canadian Rockies. > See more on <
(n) A strong desire to rove or travel about

On the path walking down Sleeping Buffalo / Tunnel Mountain in Canadian Rockies in Banff, Alberta, Canada. > See more on <

To explore, to see, to learn.

Lake Edith photographed through reeds with Mount Edith in Background in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada. > See more on <

To discover.

To be left breathless at the sights, the sounds, the scents.

Lake Louise with Sun Shining round the Mountain and Pure Blue Water. > See more on <

Relaxing Photograph of Rock Piles at top of Sleeping Buffalo / Tunnel Mountain in Canadian Rockies in Banff, Alberta, Canada. > See more on <

An overwhelming feeling of calm, of peace, of purity.

Driftwood Floating in Water at Moraine Lake in Canadian Rockies, Alberta Canada.> See more on <

Close up of Pine Sprigs Against Pure Blue Water of Moraine Lake, Alberta, Canada, Canadian Rockies. > See more on <

To be at one with nature, to appreciate the Earth, to feel nurtured and blessed.

There truly is something about mountains. Something I can only try to describe - but they create inside me a longing; a need to be with nature and to basque in all it's monumental beauty.

Silent giants; come rain or shine, come mist and fog, they are ever present, ever grand.

In their presence, you really can feel the earth breathing. The lush green landscapes of trees backed by the harsh, cold rock of mountains. Bold, bright sunlight shining down through crisp, pure air onto nature's finest creation, softly dusted with snow. The strongest force of nature and to me, the greatest attraction.

View of Surrounding Mountains from the top of Sulphur Mountain, Canadian Rockies, Banff, Alberta, Canada. > See more on <

The bustling life that lives inside their shadow operating below the scarcely seen life atop the very highest peak.

On the path walking up Sleeping Buffalo / Tunnel Mountain in Canadian Rockies in Banff, Alberta, Canada. > See more on <

They create a desire in me to wander and to roam. To feel free and simple, to live a pure life. I can honestly say that I've caught the bug. And while I was scrolling through Instagram recently, an old friend had posted a quote that made me shout YES! I finally understand - it is a bug, a feeling of longing, an undefinable sense of awe. There is something about being around mountains that pulls me in; a magnetic force so strong that I know I won't be able to ignore it for long...

"That's it for you now. If you didn't know it already, you've woken something up and it's never going away. If that part of you is there, everyone's got their own moment when they felt their mountain heartbeat spring to life."

from 'Between the Sunset and the Sea' by Simon Ingram.

I can't describe how true this statement is. One morning last week, I was scrolling through Instagram and someone had posted a photo of them and their partner at Moraine Lake. Honestly, when I happen to stumble upon a photo of the Rockies like that, my heart skips a beat. There's just something there, a connection that I will feel forevermore. And now I understand; it is my mountain heartbeat.

I know that a big part of how I feel about the Rockies is to do with the euphoric cloud that we were on after getting married and jetting off there for our honeymoon. I also know that there's more to it than just that - something I can't quite describe, or fully understand.
But nor do I need to.
It just is.

Photos from our Canadian Rockies honeymoon, September 2015.

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  1. ❤️ was it me that posted it by any chance? Almost finished the book now! :) xx

    1. Yes it was! Ah cool - is it a good read? I love that snippet that you posted so I imagine it's a really good, inspiring book? xx


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