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A Day in Florence

by - Tuesday, September 19, 2017

So a little over a week ago, our alarms bleeped at 3am and off we went to Stansted airport. After a fab breakfast at Balzar excitedly chatting (and yawning!), we checked in and headed through to the lounge. find that our flight was delayed.

By four hours.

Never have I had a delayed flight and never have I spent a total of seven and a half hours in an airport with nothing to do. Ok, so we've been lucky to have never been in this position before but when you've spent all your savings on a short break away, and you lose a day hanging around an airport, it's really not the exciting start to your holiday that you'd pictured.

But, after 7.5 hours of sleeping (for all of 10 minutes despite only 4 hours sleep the night before - sod's law does like to kick us when we're vulnerable!), aimless wandering, reading a book and staring into space, we finally boarded our flight and off we flew to Pisa airport.

After another looong wait to pick up our car and some trouble with our hotel in Florence, we finally had a roof over our heads and a means of transport for the week.

But not just any old transport - a wonderful little white Fiat 500!

We've been wanting to buy the Fiat 500x for over 2 years now, and were hoping that we wouldn't get the 'or similar' part of the rental contract - and as luck would have it, we got our little 500 that meant we could have a feel for owning a Fiat while looking chic and retro all over Tuscany!

After a quick wander down to the river, we settled in an authentic and very friendly pizzeria for a quick dinner of chianti & tagliatelle before collapsing into bed.

It was a super hectic first day that involved a lot of nothing, but a lot of very stressful nothing! But after a solid night's sleep and a short stroll around the corner, we stumbled upon the most perfect little cafe for breakfast.

I mean... what a spot!

And also, what a breakfast!!

After our amazing breakfast feast, we strayed away from the ever-increasing crowds and headed down random backstreets in search of the 'real' Florence.

And we were very happy to find the quiet, rustic, stripped back side of this bustling city. (And the odd scooter on a boat beneath a bridge...)

We did a few of the touristy things too, just because, well, Florence.

But it wasn't long at all until we were ready to return to the forgotten streets and unknown paths.

We set up camp for a little while in this lovely rustic wine bar, Cacio Vino Trallalla, and sipped on Aperol Spritz while horse & carts clip-clopped past.

We finally peeled ourselves away from the peace and quiet of the wine bar & headed back to the main town to do some shopping.

A couple of hours, one new shirt for Paul and a cheerful little market-stall bracelet for me later, we had had enough of crowds and were more than ready to make our way to our base for the next week. 

...And off we headed into the sunset, towards the medieval Tuscan town of San Miniato...

Dolores Top - Collectif Clothing | Petit Pois Straw Bag - Joanie Clothing | Navy Trainers - Matalan
Headscarf and Navy Cropped Trousers - Vintage

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