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Easter Egg Alternative: Chocolate Bubblewrap Bark

by - Thursday, April 06, 2017

Easter Egg Alternative Chocolate Bubblewrap Bark
Well hello there! I hope you're having a great week.

I made something super fun to take into work recently as an alternative to bringing in leftover birthday cake - but realised it actually makes a beautiful alternative to expensive Easter eggs too!

This chocolate bark is super, super easy to make, and has a great little surprise of chocolate bubbles underneath. Wow your loved ones with this beautiful Easter treat and try and snatch some for yourself because it doesn't stay around long! If you don't fancy having the touch of chocolate bubbles underneath, you can simply substitute the bubblewrap for cling film.

Easter Egg Scattered Chocolate Bubblewrap Bark

Don't forget to refer to my Conversion Chart for your temperatures and weights.

Prep & cooking time 45 mins + chilling

Easter Egg Alternative Chocolate Bubblewrap Bark
What you will need:

600g good quality milk chocolate
200g good quality white chocolate
Selection of Easter sweets, such as Cadbury Mini Eggs, Galaxy Golden Eggs, MilkyBar Mini Eggs, Smarties Mini Eggs & Sainsbury's Milk Chocolate Micro Eggs
4 Cadbury Creme Eggs

Tools you will need:

Baking Sheet or chopping board approx. 12" x 15"
1 Sheet of bubblewrap the same size as your baking sheet/board, washed and left to dry
Piping Bag with small round nozzle

What to do:

Set up two bain maries and melt the white chocolate in one, and the milk chocolate in the other. Stir these regularly with separate spoons until they are totally smooth.

Spread the milk chocolate over the bubblewrap (on the bumpy side) with the back of a spoon, leaving approximately a 2" border of bubblewrap clear around the edges.

Next, fill your piping bag with the white chocolate and loosely pipe vertical lines (long edge to long edge) over the milk chocolate. With the excess white chocolate, create a 1" border around the outside of the milk chocolate by spreading the remainder around the outside, overlapping the milk chocolate slightly.

Drag a skewer alternating back and forth along the chocolate in horizontal lines (short edge to short edge) to create the white swirls in the milk chocolate.

Cut the Cadbury Creme Eggs in half lengthways with a large, sharp knife, and press into the milk chocolate, distributing evenly across the bark. Press all of the other mini eggs into the chocolate around the Creme Eggs, except for the micro eggs. Try to distribute each type of egg evenly(ish) to make the chocolate bark pop with colour all over.

Lastly, loosely scatter handfuls of the Micro Eggs over the bark to finish it off. Keeping on the tray / board, place in the fridge to set overnight.

Easter Egg Alternative Chocolate Bubblewrap Bark

When ready to serve or gift, take out of the fridge and very gently peel the bubblewrap away from the  back of the chocolate. Next, using the heel of your hand, snap the bark into pieces, letting them break unevenly to create tempting little jaggedy slabs of chocolate bark - with a lovely bubbly surprise underneath!

Easter Egg Alternative Chocolate Bubblewrap Bark

Place slabs inside pastel-coloured tissue crumpled inside a gift box to give as a delightful alternative to Easter eggs, or simply position as a beautiful sunshiney centrepiece to your Easter weekend dessert table for guests to nibble on during coffee.

This chocolate bark seriously is AMAZING. The silky smooth taste that the chocolate takes on having been melted, paired with the crunchy shells of the mini eggs and the sugary cream of the Creme Eggs makes this the perfect indulgent treat. Have your taster first though, it won't stick around for long once it's on the table!

Do let me know if you have a go at making my Easter chocolate bark, I'd love to see your results! Tag me on Instagram with @badgertails & #badgertailsfood

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