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A Beautiful Birthday

by - Saturday, April 01, 2017

Good morning and happy Saturday!

A week later and I'm still glowing from the gloriously happy memories from my birthday last week. My day began with tea & mini eggs in bed beside my wonderful husband while opening lots of lovely gifts and cards.

While I was getting ready, P brought an odd shaped box upstairs that I discovered contained the most beautiful pink and white rose bouquet, sent from my lovely best friend in Poland.

After donning my amazing posh new outfit, we traveled by train to London to begin our day with an incredible breakfast at Selfridges. I honestly felt like I was back at our wedding day again! I'd spritzed on my special wedding perfume, stepped into my lacy wedding shoes, had flowers delivered to the house and even had a beautiful petticoat on ready for the special day ahead.

After that amazing breakfast at Hemsley + Hemsley, my beau bought me the Replica perfume I've been dreaming of for a year - it's the most wonderful scent that's ever been bottled! I never knew it was possible to capture all those glorious memories of running out of the salty sea up the soft yellow sand to be swept up in a fluffy beach towel that had been warming in the sun. It actually smells like you're on holiday; warm sun kissed skin, soft sea breezes, sun cream and a hint of relaxed holiday excitement.

He then took me for a stroll around Harrods, a place I'd never been before, then we headed up the Strand and ended up with him steering me towards the front door of the Savoy hotel!

This was the most beautiful part of my birthday - a young lady sat playing classical piano on the glossy black grand inside the central atrium while we perched in comfy chairs (with petticoat fluffed up all around me!) sipping champagne and being served the most amazing sandwiches, scones and cakes I think I've ever eaten.

P sipped Earl Grey while I tried a pot of Black Vanilla and to finish, Pure Rosebud tea.

The pianist suddenly started playing Happy Birthday and out came a little chocolate dessert with a candle on - just for me!

I felt so very spoiled & very much like a princess for the day!

The perfectly formed, fresh pink rose on the table smelled absolutely divine - every little touch about the afternoon was just flawless.

Then, while I was sitting basking in what a beautiful day I'd had, P suddenly said, 'right, we better get going to the next surprise' to which I nearly swore! 😂

ANOTHER surprise!? I'd already had the best birthday, how could there be more!!

And a couple of minutes later, we tipped up at the Waldorf hotel. As we were walking towards it, I turned to P and whispered 'look how posh that is!' as I saw the dark wooden entrance doors, the brass features and the immaculately suited doorman. As I finished my sentence, he brought us to a halt and said 'here we are!'

And he treated us to wonderful cocktails as we relaxed in the big comfy armchairs in the dimly lit bar. He sipped at a Rob Roy and an Old Fashioned, while I opted for a Refined Madame - Tanquaray gin, rose liqueur, fresh lime juice, lavender bitters and cardamom syrup. It was so subtle and smooth.

Just as the long day & the early start was setting in, and I was feeling ready to head home to bed, he looked at his watch and declared it was time to move on to the - wait for it - NEXT surprise!!

And a couple of doors down he steered me into the Aldwych Theatre, to see Beautiful, the Carole King Musical. It was an amazing musical filled with songs that I love and the acting was brilliant - highly recommended!

After that we poodled home on the train, trying to stay awake, then flopped into bed just after midnight.

The day after I had a little birthday tea party with our families and was very spoiled again by them all - feeling very loved & thankful! Bernard the Badger was a fab gift from my mother in law! 💖

I spent the next couple of days sipping Wedgwood loose leaf tea (and nibbling my magnificent birthday cake made by my beautiful Mumma) that completely by coincidence, had been a birthday pressie from P's brother and girlfriend!

The weather was beautiful so I did a lot of work in the garden and kept stopping to try different blends (out of the 4 teas!) and enjoy the very posh chocolates I'd also received.

It was the most wonderful birthday filled with amazing people, incredibly tasty treats and the making of memories for life. I'm still revelling in the few days and my Beach Walk perfume is doing a fab job of sending me straight back to those unforgettable few days.

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