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A Fresh Spring Start

by - Sunday, March 12, 2017


I'm so happy to finally be able to say this: SPRING IS HERE!!!

I'm writing this from the sofa in my lounge that is currently flooded with sunlight; I've just hung my washing out on the line and been wandering around the garden taking snaps of the spring flowers that are just beginning to blossom.

The windows are open, Roma the cat has finally left her bed-indentation to venture outside and the sounds of hedge trimmers and lawn mowers are ringing on the gentle March breeze. Everything feels fresh and clean, bright and new.

Oh, and we've got a brand new look here too if you hadn't already noticed! I'd been thinking of having a blog revamp lately but decided to take the plunge totally on a whim last week - I hadn't planned anything at all, which is so not like me!

I was perched at my desk last Monday morning doing some paperwork, got bored and quite simply, just started poking. I found some templates, mocked up some banners, then off I went and coding I did! And five days later, I have all the creases ironed out and the foundations in place - not to mention the website I've always wanted.

I don't think it's quite sunk in yet that I've just overhauled my blog more spontaneously then I've ever done anything in my life - last time I redesigned it (some 4 years ago) I planned meticulously and got everything completely finalised before I even thought about beginning coding. But hey, here I sit with a fresh, clean, simplified look and here we are at the start of the best season of the year for feeling renewed and revived.

My garden pottering has also begun again and lately I've been planning how I want it to look out there this year. I've also had the pleasure of forgetting things that I planted last year and am now being pleasantly surprised by the hyacinths, tete-a-tetes, and tulips that are popping up amongst my usual daffodils, aconites and snowdrops.

I feel so happy and grateful that my favourite season is back again - pastel colours, fresh new life, powder blue skies & lots of beautiful little Easter goodies - what's not to love about spring?

Have a great Sunday, friends!

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