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Down at the Pumpkin Patch

by - Sunday, October 30, 2016

A few weeks back we popped up to the Pumpkin patch at Undley in Suffolk on a very rainy Saturday morning. We brought back a few too many beautiful little gourds and some fantastic shaped pumpkins, which you can see put to use in my Autumn Rewards post

We spent the morning huddled under umbrellas and trying to push our wheelbarrow around whilst both having one hand on a brolly and the other on a barrow handle - it's safe to say it was a pretty wobbly task!

I also hadn't realised that I'd somewhat accurately matched my tights to the pumpkins... Oops!

P bought me a chocolate 'boo' ('cause he calls me boo!) which we nibbled in the shelter of the car on the way into town, where we had a pub lunch with family and wandered around the shops.

It was a pretty awesome way to start October - and I can't believe I'm only getting round to posting this at the end of the month!! (Lets hope that I can get my Chrimble posts up a bit faster - we're nearly in November so I can say that word, right?)

Have a great Halloween all!

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