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Wedding Day Memories

by - Sunday, September 04, 2016

So a while ago I bought a few wax melts because they seemed very apt for September. This one, 'Wedding Day' by Yankee Candle, will be the one that I burn over the next few weeks. I would have loved to have the large jar candle of this burning on the morning of the wedding, but to be honest I had slightly bigger things that I was worrying about so the idea never crossed my mind!

So instead, I'll be burning this gorgeous scent in the run up to our first anniversary, as the weather begins to show signs of change, the farmers finish their harvests and the seasons gently slide into autumn. The perfect time to have the candles lit and the 'Wedding Day' melt in the burner, the scent softly floating throughout our home.

But getting this lovely little melt out the cupboard has got me thinking back to all the smells from our wedding day last September, the most evocative sense of them all...

The true scent of home; my first and only proper home until I met P. The cosiness, the warmth, the familiarity.

Mists of hairspray, makeup on fluffy brushes. Steaming cups of tea, warm flaky croissants & freshly brewed coffee.

Spritzes of Penhaligon's Artemisia perfume, soft, warming, floral. Romantic. Amber, vanilla, lily of the valley with jasmine, orchard fruits and crisp green foliage. Perfect wedding perfume.

Blousy spheres of David Austin soft-peach coloured tea roses, pure white fragrant stocks, silky hydrangea petals, sweet ivory freesias, heady scented pastel coloured roses, tissue-like sweet pea petals. Fluffy, cottony sprigs of gypsophelia. 

Fresh September air, overcast and mild. Recently mowed lawn, shrubs, trees and flowers all growing and breathing and living.

Warm leather seats in a musky vintage car and the smell of my Dad's aftershave.

A grand local Church that feels bold, airy and smells ever so slightly damp, like they do. Just like it always has. Waxed Pews, guests' perfumes, giant white lilies bursting with fragrance at the altar. Crisp white paper booklets tied with earthy garden twine: the Order of Service of the day.

My new husband's cologne, the white rose in his buttonhole, the fabric of his bespokely-tailored suit.

Hand arranged rosebuds, stems of delicate freesias, snowy white phlox dropped into jam jars filled with fresh, cold water. Vibrant green leaves and stiff, woody stems absorbing, flourishing, living.

Light & airy, a large, old barn with ancient wooden beams adorned with twinkling fairy lights.

Inviting, delicate, sickly sweet icing wrapped around soft sponge cake that sits atop rustic hessian runners edged with lace.

Wedding breakfast aromas; crumbly pastry tartlets, creamy champagne sauces, irresistible milk chocolate profiteroles filled with fluffy, smooth whipped cream.

The morning after; the scents of my bridal bouquet mingled with fresh dewy rain. Excitement in the air, serenity, relief.

Heavy rainfall soaking the grass, the patio, our feet. Darting here and there in wellies, attempting to stay dry, feeling grateful that it wasn't the day before.

Returning home for steaming cups of tea, slices of fluffy sponge cake with sweet and sickly icing. Recalling the favourite parts of the day, chatting about the future, laughing, loving, living.

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