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Life Lately

by - Thursday, September 01, 2016

Life lately has been a little bit of a combination of lovely late summer days and early signs of autumn and I'm left a little confused as to which way to turn!

Bold, blue, cloudless skies back vibrant green leaves with ripening apples waiting patiently to drop.

And when they do, they're thrown into saucepans with juicy blackberries and made into autumnal desserts.

That you sit outside in the garden to eat on warm August evenings.

But spend weekends coming home, lighting candles & curling up together clutching hot chocolates.

Having driven home past beautiful blue skies & freshly-harvested fields of gold.

Spending evenings in candlelit bubble baths feeling all cosy and warm whilst the rain patters down outside the open window.

Then spending Sunday mornings with an iced coconut coffee in your hand and blogging about summer.

Dressing for summer, then dressing for autumn, then giving up and dressing somewhere in between.

Heading out for the day with your best, in summery outfits and sandals, then returning home to cook a hearty roast with all the trimmings.

Driving through the open English countryside with the roof down and soul tunes playing from the speakers.

And spending lazy bank holiday mornings curled up in bed with a box of treats and the sun streaming through the windows.

 Then finding beautiful summery gifts that would make wonderful presents for Christmas.

And feeling stuck somewhere in between being excited for cooler days and auburn landscapes, but not quite being ready to let go of hazy summer days that roll into lazy summer evenings, beautiful sunny mornings and gardens bursting with colour.

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