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April Highlights | 2016

by - Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hello & happy hump day!

We're on the homeward stretch towards another weekend and seem to be sprinting through the months at the moment! April brought with it a very welcome flicker of summer weather, but kept us very much on our toes by bringing chilly evenings and flurries of snow in between.

But now we're approaching mid-May, it's definitely time for summer to begin and I'm getting desperate to get my summer bedding planted - now all I need is to find some time to buy it first!

Other things started to appear in the garden and although it felt off to a slow start, I can safely say that the beautiful May sunshine we've been having lately has helped it catch up in no time!

It was a good month, filled with lots of memorable family moments, mornings out in the garden and way too many baths in the new bathroom. And I even managed to find some time to get the paints out again, which feels great.

I hope your April was filled with lots of beauty, flowers & baths, it certainly seemed to be the jist of mine!

Have a fabulous rest of your week & I'll see you back here soon.

Much love,

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