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Summer Dreaming

by - Tuesday, April 05, 2016

These glimpses of sunshine we've been having the last few weeks have really got me itching for full-blown summertime. Although it doesn't feel that long since summer 2015 was here, it is starting to feel like winter has lasted much longer than previous years. It's definitely safe to say that spring is in full swing now, but with a week of rain forecast, I'm heading back to my iphone albums to dig out memories of last summer.

It was a wonderfully balmy, sunny summer and the days that I had in the garden were plentiful. Plus, it was all about the wedding prep so it saw us making favours in the garden, finalising arrangements with the DJ in my parents' garden and wandering down to the post box each day when I finished the next batch of invitations. Plus a lot of sunning myself to get a tan for the sheer back of my dress!

This day was great - we rode the Lambretta into town to have a wander in the sun and stopped for lunch at a little cafe - where we chatted about the wedding plans whilst the local Church bells rang across town for another wedding - it was so exciting!

Spot the Roma!

Early morning watering - there's something so wonderfully relaxing about this ritual - to the tune of the birds singing, the anticipation of a promising summer's day ahead but still a gentle nip in the air and dew on the grass.

Anyone else dreaming of summer? 

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