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Oh, Valentine!

by - Tuesday, February 16, 2016

We don't usually do much for Valentine's Day and that's just the way I like it.

That's not me being cynical, we just much prefer a quiet & cosy night in just us, over sitting in a bustling restaurant surrounded by strangers and hoping the service will be good.

So that's what we do, every year. And this year was no exception. Although, it did have something new; us sitting in our scruffs eating dinner after working on the bathroom all day... we haven't done that before!

We also started with a very good breakfast. Paul had lovely little bantam eggs on toast while I made the American pancakes that I'd been craving for the last two weeks - with lashings of golden syrup and banana, perfect!

We'd decided to just do cards this year, but lo and behold, P popped the most adorable little pressie in front of me over breakfast: a little badger mug filled with a teeny tiny plant! He always knows how to put a huge smile on my face, and oh my gosh look at how cute the card was!

Luckily I'd kinda broken the rules too and bought him a little something; a clock I'd found with an Italian coffee design on it, and a fab bar of Italian chocolate with whole hazelnuts in. This didn't hang around for long I can assure you!

We took a little break from working on the bathroom with a cup of tea and the amazing chocolate, while I had a quick flick through the White Company's spring catalogue. Really, I only got as far as the third page, staring at the same image for ages and getting lost in dreams of daffodils and eggs, tulips & sunshine.

So I decided it was time to get outside again. P returned to his work in the bathroom and I wrapped up warm and pottered about on the front steps, tidying up and making it all look nice and ready for spring.

And it looks like the garden is ready for spring, too. We've got daffodils in bud, hyacinths in flower and tulips making their steady progress ready for April.

And we were even lucky enough to have the bold winter sun shining brightly most of the day, too!

We then finished up in the bathroom and had a lovely meal over a carafe of malbec and candlelight, both sitting in our scruffs and half falling asleep - not exactly the most glamourous of valentines, but it was ours and it was perfect.

Hope you all had a wonderful day, in your own special way.

Have a great week!

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