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Life Lately | February 2016

by - Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hello friends!

The last few weeks have been full of springtime promise. Our home has seen an abundance of flowers on windowsills, bedsides, dining tables & mantlepieces. I'm starting to get to my 'please can it just be spring now?' phase so fresh blooms & signs of life have been very welcome indeed.

Roma's certainly enjoying the new bathroom. With the frosty chill that's sweeping the countryside at the moment, she's taken to settling on the radiator while I bathe, then looking too cute to disturb when I need my warm towel - resulting in me using P's cold & damp one so as not to disturb her! #crazycatlady

There have been jam jars filled with daffodil leaves, morning baths, evening baths & weekend baths (shower is still in transit!) and happy yellow trumpet blooms all around the house.

Early birthday presents, cosy evenings on the sofa, catch ups with a special friend & wanders out to go for breakfast.

Even more lovely presents, bright bunches of sunshiney chrysanthemums, baby clothes shopping (not for me!) and evenings in with a bottle of wine.

First signs of spring, old favourite books, waking up to the dawn chorus and feeling full of hope for the next few months.

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