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The Thing About Peace

by - Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Peace. Always dreamed of, forever wished for, eternally sought.

But what happens when you find it? A very magical thing indeed; happiness.

Now, I'm not talking world peace, I'm talking about a much more local and smaller scale type of peace. I'm talking the peace within; a contented soul, a calm and collected mind, a happy heart.

It might not always be easy to see, or to feel, but when it comes, it is definitely something we must acknowledge, appreciate, and try our very best to hold on to. There will be times when we may feel it has left us, but if we remember what we need to feel peace, and to live peacefully, then we will always find our way back.

So if you have, or are hoping to find your peace, make sure you leave your trail of breadcrumbs so that you can always find your way home.

My peace came about only a few weeks ago, after spending far too long tolerating a situation in which I was, more often than I'd have liked, very unhappy. But I did what we all would do in that situation, and pushed through, tried to continue despite my instincts and attempted to convince myself it would change. But of course, we all know these things don't change. And we all know that you should always trust your instincts. So when a situation arose in which my options were to fight or to walk away, I finally listened to my instincts, and knew exactly what I had to do. I knew that the best option to soothe my soul, and to keep my heart healthy, was to walk away from that situation. And it was absolutely the right decision. It might sound mad to some, but I knew then that for the goodness of my soul, that was what I needed.

And boy, was I right. Only a few days later I discovered how right that decision was - and I've not looked back since. And I can guess that that was purely down to the one emotion that I couldn't ignore - relief.

Never underestimate relief. It can tell you what you actually wanted, deep down, even if your mind didn't know it yet. It can tell you what is best for your body, for your soul, and can tell you that the decisions that you made whilst under pressure were the right decisions that will lead you down a better path from that point on.

Now, I know that at times, coming home from work with aching feet and an exhausted mind, or during difficult moments throughout your life, you may feel that peace has left you. But when you look at the good things, the positive things that you are so very lucky to have, you will never be far from that peace. Whether it's a wonderful family, lovely friends, a beautiful home (and I'm not talking about visible beauty), you will always be able to find your way to a peaceful life. Even if that life is a bit chaotic, running errands or screaming children - that is your peace, your life, your happiness. It is different for everyone, and as long as we always realise what we have and most of all, appreciate what we have, those are all the breadcrumbs we need when we've drifted. Remember to follow your breadcrumbs and you will always find peace.

I wish you much love, and all the peace you need,

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