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by - Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Considering events of late, I feel it appropriate to share a reading that I wrote for our wedding ceremony. Never have I felt these words are so relevant and so true, but mostly, so important. I originally wrote this as a general view of daily life, but it's quickly become something more than that to me now.


I heard a blackbird singing on my walk today. For that split second, I drifted back to the first day of spring; fresh, pure, flawless springtime. And as it tends to in these moments, reality set in and brought me straight back to the now; the start of autumn is undeniably upon us.

While the weather is beautiful and still showing promising signs of belated August warmth, doubt cannot hide amongst the fading light, the powder blue skies and the morning chill that the crimson season will soon be in full swing. The mornings now come with a soft mist that lazily lingers over the fields, the afternoons bring us leaves that crunch beneath our feet, and the evenings, my favourite, feature the smoky scent of a coal fire drifting along the breeze, as we are swept into the heart of autumn once more.

We must not mourn the end of summer, we must not pine for more balmy, sunny days, nor must we feel dread for the winter months to come. For it will come around again, and for now, we have today. The gift of today and the opportunities it offers us is something to recognise and relish. To appreciate today; to savour this moment; to not want and wait for the future. To live in the now, and to be thankful for simply today. Do not let this day slip by whilst dreaming of the future, do not make it fall behind amongst our dwelling in the past. Make the most of this moment, make it count, make it now. Remember what a precious thing it is to be here, today; to take that leap, to lay those foundations.

Let us not just appreciate today, but let us bring joy, and hope, and peace to the day. Let us be proud of what we can, have, and will achieve, and see inspiration and beauty around us. Let us give, care, and most of all, love. Let's show this beautiful world everything we have to offer. If we bring passion, bring strength, and bring gratitude to everything we do here and now, we can forever know that we made the most of today.

I hope you can all find peace, joy and love in your lives and hope you will think of these words when joining the people of Paris in prayer - let's appreciate every moment we have and do everything we can to support each other, because really, that's all that life is about.

Much love, today, and always,

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