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The Essence of Autumn

by - Saturday, November 14, 2015

Wow... so, November.

November. Where did that come from!? I know I've been immersing myself in hot chocolate, hot water bottles and lots of Christmas shopping but wow, it's very kind of almost mid-November already. As the temperature has dropped this past week and the mornings have now become crisp and chilly with bright sunshine illuminating the wintry trees, it seems apt to reflect on our autumn just gone.

Warm, bright, and golden. One of the most beautiful autumns I can remember, the world seemed to be auburn and glowing for the longest time. Pathways scattered with amber hues, trees still dressed in rich, vibrant crimsons and the air filled with flurries of copper as a breeze lifts leaves from their trees and spirals them to the ground. Just beauty, everywhere you turn.

The countryside alight with fiery shades dancing against the bold, blue sky.

Ruby leaves lay everywhere you walk.

And the light, oh, the light...

Colour and life and vibrancy everywhere you look. The natural world is an amazing thing and we should always appreciate it's beauty. We must remember that it always has, and always will, live on, and we should be grateful that we get to enjoy it, even if only for a short while.

I hope you are all having a calm weekend, our hopes and prayers are with the people of Paris today, and always.

Much love,

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