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Bridal Highlights

by - Friday, November 20, 2015

Good morning!

Continuing on with the wedding series, I want to share with you today my bridal highlights!

In the run up to the wedding, almost every Saturday that P was working, I'd end up getting all of my bridal accessories out of their hiding place and would just sit and look at them for ages! Then one day I realised that a lot of these accessories, like my shoes, would never quite look as perfect and brand new as they did then - so I decided to take a few pictures as a momento...

Bridal Lingerie - John Lewis // Artemesia Eau de Parfum - Penhaligon's // Wedding Rings - Ernest Jones

Tiara - Jon Richard at Debenhams // Marc de Champagne Truffle Box - Charbonnel et Walker

Diamante & Pearl Bracelet - Jon Richard at Debenhams // Crystal & Pearl Earrings - John Lewis
Diamante & Pearl Hair Spirals - Accessorize

Ivory Lace Shoes with Bow Shoe Clips - Rainbow Shoes

I'm so glad I took these photos, it's wonderful to have them together as a collection - plus the images remind me of how excited I got every time I looked at all my accessories!

Have a lovely week everyone!

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