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Honeymoon Part 1: The Fairmont Palliser

by - Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hello and good morning to you!

So I thought I'd begin sharing some snaps from our dream honeymoon in the Canadian Rockies last week. The decision behind the Rockies came about 11 months ago when we began discussing possible honeymoon locations. Seeing as neither of us are into our sun, sea & sand holidays, we definitely wanted to do something different to the 'norm.' During our first conversation P suddenly said, 'I just want to go somewhere really random... like, I don't know, like Alaska or somewhere.' And I happened to just be thinking the same thing at that very moment.

After doing some research into Alaska, we found that it was somewhat greyer and much, much gloomier than the picturesque lakes and mountains that we both had envisaged in that moment. Then we discovered that the scenery we had in mind was exactly what the Rockies had to offer. So off we set, and with a lot of help from some very special people, our dream honeymoon was arranged to the backdrop of the beautiful Canadian Rockies.

Three days after the wedding, we touched down in an incredibly flat Calgary, with the plan to spend our first night in the Fairmont Palliser downtown. We picked up our rental beast car and set off on our way, totally unaware of just how luxurious our night in Calgary would be.

It was quite literally the poshest hotel we have ever stayed in, complete with valet parking, a concierge service and a bottle of champagne and strawberries ready and waiting in our room, as a gift from the hotel. And even that wasn't all; the entire duration of our stay, the staff truly treated us like royalty, and I must say I adored all the 'Good afternoon Mr & Mrs Brown, as a note of our congratulations, we've upgraded your room,' not to mention the 'We've arranged for you to dine by the fire, Mr & Mrs Brown, and will have some champagne sent over for you, on the house.' 

The perfect way to begin our special honeymoon!

And did I mention the strawberries were dipped in chocolate and dressed like a little bride and groom!? With a congratulatory card too!?

And there were robes... and champagne...

...and marble sinks...

...and cocktails...

...oh, and breakfast brought to our room the next morning!?

And the staff didn't even seem to mind that we fell asleep sat bolt upright at our dinner table after the starters... and requested the coffee course to come before the main! We subsequently realised that we'd been awake for over 25 hours, eaten five meals throughout the 'day,' and it was almost certainly time for bed.

But after a good night's sleep and that wonderful breakfast, we headed out bright eyed and excited in our monstertruck car and pointed the wheels in the direction of the mountains.

And off we headed to Banff.

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  1. Congratulations! Sounds like an amazing hotel! My sister spent her honeymoon in Banff and says it is the most magical place so I'm looking forward to reading your post about it. Xxx


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