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Tales from the Potting Bench | Trailing Ivy Pot

by - Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Good morning!

Gosh, I can't believe that it's May now. I've been so entirely immersed in starting my new job and planning the wedding that I have barely had time to put camera to subject, let alone pen to paper to blog. We are pretty much there now with the wedding planning but I'm still really struggling with the invitations, so bear with me if you don't hear from me much until you find me on your rooftop yelling that I've finished them!

Then it's onto the fun stuff; the decorations. I've already started buying bits here and there and it's all getting very real. Plus we had our meeting with the Vicar last week to learn about the 'I Dos' so it really is beginning to get exciting! I've actually just realised it's exactly four months today... eek!

The garden has also been changing faster than I can keep up with so there'll be a collective April & May Garden post coming soon and I can't wait! We have worked so hard these last few months and the garden is looking beautiful, I'm so excited to share it with you.

So, while I was pottering outside recently, I found I had a little potted ivy plant that I love. But we have so much wild ivy growing everywhere from before we moved in that I'd usually steer clear of planting any more.

But this one is really nice, I'm not sure of the variety but it's definitely a pretty form of Ivy. So I decided to use a small, old pot to create a bit of a rustic trailing Ivy display.

I started by filling the pot with compost and wrapped some florists wire round the outside edge. I then tucked it through the drainage hole to keep it in place.

I then potted up the Ivy plant and began training it to grow along the wire by gently wrapping the longer stems around them.

And that's literally it! It's doing very nicely now, and is the perfect thing to decorate the shelf of our old white garden table.

Have a fabulous day my friends, I will definitely be back soon as I've got lots to share with you... I've just got to get these bleedin' invites done first!

*runs for the hills*

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