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How To Frame a Tea Towel

by - Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Good morning!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. We have been absolutely non-stop and it's amazing I'm even sitting down to write this! The task of the weekend was tackling the dining room, which is also our music / craft room... it was great fun but I'm glad it's all done now! Photos of it to follow later on in the week.

Today's little project is something I've had on my crafting to-do list for almost two years, and the upheaval of my craft space these past few days seemed like a very good time to finally get it done and on the wall!

I bought these gorgeous tea towels at a Market in Bergerac, South West France, two summers ago and have never wanted to get them dirty as they're just too beautiful. So, I decided to frame them myself, which turned out to be really easy...

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I'm sure there are some of you out there that have got a lovely tea towel or piece of vintage fabric that sits in a drawer because you aren't quite sure how to make the most of it. Well, with this simple project you can get it on display and brightening up your home in around 30 minutes!

What you will need:

A tea towel or piece of fabric that you want framed
A photo frame (I used a white Ikea Ribba 30 x 40 cm frame)
A piece of white card the same size as the glass of your frame
Scotch or masking tape
Framers finishing tape or similar
Scissors / craft knife
Tape measure
Iron & Ironing Board

What to do:

1. Firstly, iron your tea towel to ensure all creases are gone. I used the water squirt button a lot to really steam out all the creases on mine.

How to Frame a Tea Towel - Iron fabric first

2. Next, lay your towel over the sheet of card and align it how you want it to appear in the frame. I did this mostly by eye, but used a tape measure just to finalise the position.

Bear in mind that fabric isn't rigid and will stretch a little as you work. Also be aware of uneven hems on tea towels - they are rarely perfectly straight.

How to Frame a Tea Towel - Measuring for the Perfect Fit

3. Holding the towel in place on the card, carefully flip them over so the towel is face down. Using a tape that's not too sticky, like Scotch or masking tape, tack the tea towel on to the back of the card, as shown below.

Tack this with three bits of tape just to hold it in place and carefully flip back over to check the alignment. If it needs adjusting, gently peel the tape off and repeat this step until you are happy with how it sits.

How to Frame a Tea Towel -  Tacking fabric onto the card

4. Once you are happy, use the framers finishing tape or similar to secure this edge of the towel properly to the card.

How to Frame a Tea Towel - Securing the fabric with framers tape

5. Repeat this with the opposite side, then press the loose folds flat with your iron to make them stay.

How to Frame a Tea Towel - Pressing the folds with an iron

How to Frame a Tea Towel - Pressing the folds with an iron

6. Fold, tack and tape the remaining two edges as before, so you have all four sides taped up. It doesn't look particularly pretty, but it does mean it's a little more secure.

How to Frame a Tea Towel - A neat, pressed fold

How to Frame a Tea Towel - tape up all four sides

How to Frame a Tea Towel - Neat and tidy edges

7. Give the glass of your frame a quick polish and pop the tea towel in. Double check from the front that there is no dust or loose thread trapped in the frame, then once you are happy, pop the back on the frame and bend the points into place to hold it in.

How to Frame a Tea Towel - Put the print into the frame

8. Give the glass a final polish on the outside and hang using the kit provided with the frame or prop up on a shelf.

How to Frame a Tea Towel - French Tea Towel Framed on Wall

How to Frame a Tea Towel - French Tea Towels Framed on Wall

How to Frame a Tea Towel - French Tea Towel Framed on Wall

See you later in the week,

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