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March Garden | 2015

by - Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Budleija shoots backlit in sunlight

Hello my friends!

Looks like it's that time already... where has the last month gone? At this time of year, a lot is changing in the garden, and although it's only subtle, there's a lot to get excited about.

This is the time of year that the colour is finally starting to appear and it is such a welcome sight! But the things that makes me smile the most are the little shoots and buds that are dotted around, no matter what's happening in the world, nature is still doing it's thing, and it's wonderful to see...


Hydrangea Shoots

Spring flower doorstep display

Acer shoots

Pulmonaria flowers

Tulip flower bud

Azalea Buds

My little Azalea here gave me no flowers last spring, so imagine my delight when I noticed it absolutely covered in flower buds this year! I still have no idea why it didn't flower last year, it's in the right soil, right conditions and generally only has rainwater to drink, so it baffled me a little to not see any flowers, but hey ho, this moment makes it all worth it!

Catkin on Hazel tree

White Hyacinth flower buds

Acer shoots

Spring flower display

Collared dove sitting atop bird bath

Forsythia against grey sky

Lilac Pulmonaria flowers

Acer shoots

White Blossom against cloudy sky

Single Daffodil flower

Buddleja shoots backlit by sunlight

Lilac Freesias and rattan heart through old rustic window

Azalea flower buds

Purple Primrose flowers

Pink Primrose flowers and yellow Pansy

Hydrangea shoots

Pulmonaria flowers and pink Primrose

White Hyacinth buds and pink Primrose 

Spring flower display on doorstep with cat


Thought I'd share this 'from the cutting room floor' image, as most of the time that I'm shooting, this one's somewhere nearby, just off-camera, or more often that not, sticking her tail right in front of the lens! Especially when there's food or the garden involved...

To see what was happening in the garden this time last year, click here.

Have a fabulous Tuesday everybody and I'll see you back here later in the week; got some yummy Easter fun to share with you all...

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