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A Country Diary: The Swing of Spring

by - Tuesday, March 10, 2015

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4.15pm, Saturday 7th March 
I sit upon my doorstep, watching the world go by.

Today is the day on which spring has arrived.

As I perch upon my front doorstep, my face bathed in sun, I hear lawn mowers, I hear bicycles, I hear the sound of chitter-chatter coming from neighbours' doors. The sun is here and with it, it has brought the first proper warmth of the year.

Everyone is out and about, joggers jogging by, dog walkers ambling along the pathways, children playing in their gardens, but the most noticeable event is the birdsong that fills the air. The gentle March breeze dances through the trees, and although it brings a little chill, it doesn't matter. We have sunshine! Real, warm, free sunshine, sitting amidst a clear blue sky.

We are reminded once again of the joy that sunshine can bring, reminded of the golden green the leaves turn when they are basked in sunlight. The way the trees shimmy in the breeze, creating that soul-warming pitter-patter of light along the ground.

It is near impossible to describe the gratitude we feel for this moment, after another long and icy winter we can venture outside again, perhaps without even a coat, and just enjoy being outside. The dash between car to house, between shop to shop to avoid the cold is no more; we take our time to travel, we take our moment to appreciate the world, we put our faith in creation once more.

It is a precious moment to be sat here on my step on this glorious afternoon. The sun is low in the sky and beginning it's descent, but I can feel the buzz of excitement all around. Although we may still have frosts, we may even still have snow, summer is undeniably on it's way and we are holding out our hands in welcome.

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