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Revisiting a Resolution

by - Monday, January 05, 2015

Good afternoon and Happy New Year!

I've had my New Year's resolutions down for a while now, which I will be sharing with you later this week. (I'm very, very excited about them... I'm literally bursting right now!)

But I thought it only right to have a think about the resolution I made this time last year. I may have only asked myself for one thing, but it was rather a big thing, and very, very important; to always be positive.

It may seem small to some, but I chose this as my word for 2014 to remind myself that despite the negative things in life, always remember the positive, and never, ever let the negative take over. Life is too short and far too precious to do anything other than stay positive and appreciate what we have.

Throughout 2014, I thought positively about the past, as I believe everything happens for a reason and it teaches us the most important lessons.

I've stayed positive about the future, I know I have a lot of good things yet to come, and I know what I want for the future and where I want to be in a year's time.

The most difficult thing for me is being positive about the present; sometimes it's easier to slip into worry and anxiety than force yourself to overcome it. I do worry way too much, and I know I must simply take a step back and remember what I've achieved so far. Most importantly, I must channel any worries into hard work and achievements - because that's the only way to move forward.

As a result, I'm putting my best foot forward for 2015 (which in 9 months time, will be in wedding shoes!!) and I'm giving a very exciting project my absolute all. You may remember me mentioning it last year, but this is the year that it's happening. And I cannot wait to unveil it to you lovely people.

So, for now, Happy New Year, and I will see you very soon...

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