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A ‘White Company' Christmas

by - Monday, December 22, 2014

Good morning my friends!

Welcome to Christmas week! Only 3 more sleeps and the sparkling day will be upon us. Are you all ready for it!?

Despite the last couple of weeks flying by, I'm quite comfortably ready. I've ticked everything off my 'need to do' list and am now making my way through my 'want to do' list - like baking the mince pies, making the Christmas pudding vodka and of course, catching up with you lovely people!

So that being said, it's probably about time you see how my Christmas home is looking this year...

Silver Star Christmas Candle

Now, back in November when I started my Christmas shopping, I ventured into The White Company to have a browse for gifts. And I came out with much more than gifts. It is my belief that I came out of that shop with somewhat of an obsession. That's right, my name is Badgertails and I'm a White-Company-oholic.

I've since been back in the shop multiple times and to be honest, I'm quite impressed at my self-restraint. That is, the self-restraint needed to stop me kneeling in front of a shop assistant begging them to let me move in. Seriously, I've got it bad!

So, instead, I decided to take that elegance, that grace, that warm and gentle homeliness of the shop and bring it into my home. More importantly, my Christmas home. So, folks, welcome to my White Company Christmas...

White Christmas Home Decoration

From the snowy mantel you will recognise from last year...

White Rattan Star Atop Christmas Tree the new and slightly crooked little star atop the tree,

Silver Frosted Glass Bauble

Glass Bird Christmas Tree Decoration

Silver Bell Wreath Christmas Tree Decoration

This year, it couldn't be anything but a very white Christmas.

White Christmas Home Decorating

White Glitter Christmas Candle with Ribbon

White Fluffy Snowball Bauble

Because it's just so timeless and so beautiful.

Silver Heart Bauble

And oh, how I love it!

Have a fabulous day and welcome to Christmas week... I'll see you tomorrow!

Much love,

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