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My Autumn Home

by - Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Hello there!

In light of our clocks popping back an hour last week and the dark afternoons approaching, I now begin hibernation every day when I get home. Jammies, candles, fairy lights, sofa, is my new ritual. And of course, comforting meals like creamy fish pie and hearty lasagne have arrived too. Oh, it's wonderful!

And, as always, my home is changing with the seasons to create the most perfect atmosphere. Our fireplace in particular is a glow of orange and yellow, the scrumpled paper of my book page wreath and the exposed brick work adding warmth and texture to the soft, golden flicker of candlelight.

This is my haven. My little bit of magic on a cold night while the rain is rapping at the windows and the wind is whistling down the chimney.

Being settled in for the night and curling up in blankets and woolly socks, wrapping hands round toasty mugs of tea, all the while knowing you're not leaving this cosy cocoon until daylight shows again.

And that is where I shall stay.

Through Christmas, through New Year's, right through to the start of spring, I will be curled up appreciating the simple pleasures of candlelight, and heat, and slow cookers!

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