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A Country Diary: The Autumn Whisper

by - Sunday, September 28, 2014

Apple on Tree
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5.40pm, Tuesday 2nd September
The sun low in the sky, a walk through a peaceful neighbourhood echoes with the sounds of late summer gardening...

I heard a blackbird singing on my walk today. For that split second, I drifted back to the first day of spring; fresh, pure, flawless springtime. And then, as it tends to in these moments, reality set in and brought me straight back to the now; the start of autumn is undeniably upon us.

While the weather is beautiful and still showing promising signs of belated August warmth, doubt cannot hide amongst the fading light, the crisp blue skies and the morning chill that the crimson season will soon be in full swing.

Slipping the key through the lock on my arrival home, entering the hallway feels different now. Greeted by the warmth of the heating and the glow from the hall lamp, I shut the door behind me and close out the approaching evening chill. 

As we draw the curtains in the evenings, ever earlier each day, the soft haze of golden lamplight cradles the dark air; a welcome sight upon the harsh black backdrop of night.

Soon will come the nights upon which my first step inside the house sees me drawing curtains and clicking on lamps. The sensation of holding a lit match to a candle wick whilst rain batters the windows, knowing I'm safe, and dry, and most of all, warm, is one that I shall relish. My home a gentle cocoon, only made cosier by the prompt appearance of chunky knit jumpers, mugs of hot cocoa and seasonal crumbles crafted from foraged fruits.

The mornings now come with a crisp mist that lazily lingers over the fields, the afternoons bring us leaves that crunch beneath our feet, and the evenings, my favourite, feature the smoky scent of a coal fire drifting along the breeze, as we are swept into the heart of autumn once more.

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