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July Garden | 2014

by - Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I know, I know... a month late again!

Things have been somewhat busy with starting the new job and getting settled into a new routine but I'm back for the time being, now I'm finally getting used juggling everything! (I think...)

Now, remember my pea tepee? The dummy that I am, (and the amateur gardener that I am), I didn't think to look at the 'Use By' date on the packet of seeds that I used for it. Yep, that's right, I planted massively out of date seeds! But hey-ho, it's all a learning curve for me and that's ok.

The particular learning curve in this case is not going to all that trouble of trying to grow something when I'd probably have had more luck planting a bourbon biscuit. (Although, a biscuit tree does sound like something I'd want to find in my garden...)

I guess what I'm trying to tell you is that my Pea Tepee is no more, and never quite was. But all I can say is whoops! I had to learn it and luckily that happened just before sowing the new Pea Patch (with a batch of fresh new seeds, of course). They did well at first but the bed they were in just wasn't particularly accommodating and we only got a few pods from them. (All of which I ate raw, one by one, on the garden bench, grinning).

The broad beans were doing magnificently, until they got spied by the black fly and then managed to contract rust. Such a shame, I was thoroughly looking forward to popping fresh green beans out of their furry little jackets.

But anyway, onto the more successful heroes of my July garden...

As you can see, everything was very happy in July. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this is likely the best it will look all year. The unseasonably autumnal weather we're getting at the moment is seemingly making everything (including me) spiral into hibernation.

Well, perhaps not quite. But the chilly mornings and sporadic showers are really messing with my brain. I'm currently torn between excitement for autumn and fearing a loss of summer. If I'm honest I'm not ready for darker nights and colder days, I definitely want more time spent here:

A girl can dream!

To see what was happening in the garden this time last year, click here.

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