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Home is Where the Heart is...

by - Sunday, August 03, 2014

Sweet Peas in Glass Bottle on
As is the garden. That's definitely where my heart is. I've spent so much time outside of late and it's been wonderfully calming.

My sweet peas finally started to flower last week too, so I've been able to bring my favourite smell and my favourite shades inside to add a subtle pop of colour to the white.

White Interiors on

I'd also been eyeing this bunny night light up for a very long time, and found him in a local gift shop so couldn't resist. So, meet Ralph. He's the perfect little white addition to our bedroom and has the benefit of giving me a soft, warm glow when I'm winding down for bed.

And ohh, those sweet peas! Last year's attempt at them gave me one flower *growls* so having an actual bunch of them to put in a glass bottle is just the most rewarding feeling ever. I grew those.

I. Grew. Those!

Sweet Peas in Glass Bottle on

And thus continues my never ending love for white interiors, glass bottles and fresh flowers.

Home is all about keeping your heart happy.

Have a happy Sunday lovelies!

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