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Bringing the Outside In

by - Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hello and happy Tuesday to you!

I hope everyone had a lovely bank holiday, even if it did mean staying inside and curling up under a blanket all day! That's what we did yesterday, which was a gloriously welcome retreat from the busy weekend we had. We got through two Jurassic Park films and a lot of nibbles, and it was perfect!

Seeing as it's been raining non-stop since Sunday night, I thought I should share this little breath of fresh air with you today...

Just a little bit of outside beauty brought inside. And popped in my new Seascape glass in the bathroom. The pop of pink and green life in here has lifted the gloom that's been outside the windows and it feels wonderful.

Due to the change in weather of late I've barely been in the garden so this really is a fab way to brighten the house.

Also due to this change in weather, I've now prematurely started drying hydrangea heads so I can enjoy them all through autumn and winter. So now my windowsills are featuring early hues of autumn; pinks fading to copper, tipped with greens fading to cream.

I think the whisper of Autumn may well be on it's way...

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