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New Nautical featuring Sun Jellies

by - Wednesday, July 16, 2014

As I'm sure you know, every now and then I like to stick up a slightly impromptu style post. Just because every now and then I have fun with it and have most probably fallen in love with a new item of clothing. Too much in love not to share...

Now, I don't care what fashion rules say, I am a huge fan of white on white. And possibly even more taboo, off-white on white. It's fresh, it's summery and it's my favourite when the sun is shining.

Team that combo with nautical stripes and I reckon I'm onto a winner.

Team it with red jelly shoes and my heart stops, just for a minute.

And sod it, lets add some pink in there too!

I ordered these genuine-jellies from the fabulous Sun Jellies just before my French holiday. To be honest, I'm crap with shoes. I can't do any of those faffy plasticy cheap shoes that every girl my age seems to wear. I just can't. They hurt my feet, I can't walk in them and I get grumpy whenever I wear them.

I have to wear proper shoes made of proper materials (for proper people - please excuse the reference!) and would have sworn that no matter how beautiful the jellies, they'd rub my feet to hell and back.

Guess what? THEY DON'T! I ordered them after eyeing the website about three times a day for 4 days and was so, so excited for them to arrive. I literally cannot sing their praises enough because they're comfortable, they don't rub and I can walk properly in them!

Plus, as they allowed me to swim in a stony Swiss lake without hurting my little feetsies, I might possibly be in love.

They've got a fabulous range of beautiful styles for adults and children, plus they do a cute range of jelly bags too which I'll most probably post about sometime, as I've got one of those as well...

So don't forget to look on their site and of course, have a fabulous Wednesday!

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