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Tales from the Potting Bench | Saving the Seedlings

by - Saturday, May 03, 2014

Ok, so remember those seeds I sowed back in February? The ones I was super excited about? Yeah, those. I don't know quite what but something went very wrong with them. I have now only got around 4 seedlings left from about 200 seeds.

I'm still trying to work it out but I think it may have been a combination of not enough light, a draught on the windowsill and perhaps even too much moisture inside the propagators. (Maybe the capillary matting was a bad idea?)

Out of a whole tray of Verbena, I've only got one seedling. He's now a wee bit precious to me so I sorely hope I can keep him going! The dahlias and stocks did have more success but the majority of seedlings were so weak they couldn't even hold themselves up, so there wasn't exactly a lot of hope for them either.

See how flopsy they are? The two middle trays are the dahlias and stocks that I attempted to save. I thought I might as well give them a chance before giving up on them but it hasn't proved too successful. I've got a couple of seedlings that are looking happy though, so I'm doing my best to keep those going.

And of course, Roma the cat is doing her best to do otherwise! I found she'd chosen one of my very precious dahlia seedlings to squeeze past this morning while climbing in the window, thus sending the pot flying to the floor. Does she not understand how special that little dahlia is!???

Luckily I also planted some tubers in April and those are thriving. I WILL have dahlias in my garden, and I refuse to accept otherwise!

The other story is the ruby sunflowers. These, my friends, are doing well. Very well. Of course this is a natural trait of sunflowers but it's such a relief to be growing something from seed that actually has a sturdy stem. They've since grown to their second set of leaves and will be moved out to grow up the back fence soon enough.

I'm desperately hoping these will continue to do well, because how amazing will they look planted here:

The excitement begins...

I hope you're all having a fab weekend, whatever you're doing!

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