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Tales from the Potting Bench | Egg Box Propagating Part 2

by - Thursday, May 01, 2014

Hi there! Do you remember those egg boxes I planted seeds in?

(If you don't, you can read Part 1 here.)

They are very happy indeed.

These have given me hope that I was much in need of. Two weeks ago I potted them up into those larger biodegradable pots that I will plant straight into the ground when the time comes.

To pot them up, I let the soil dry a bit so I could break them up easily by pushing the base of the egg box upwards...

Then replanted them into the individual pots, gave them supports and put them back in the windowsill.

This was them last weekend:

Oh, hello hope... Nice to have you back again!

I then pinched out the tips down to the first set of leaves, to promote better growth resulting in a bushier plant that produces more flowers. That's what Monty Don told me anyway, so I'm hoping he's right!

Eek, that was a scary thing to do!

If you've been wondering whether growing seeds in egg boxes works, it does. Very nicely, too! There's still time for planting seeds so if you want to give it a go, why not add it to your bank holiday to do list? And keep me posted with your progress, please!

Thanks for reading today and happy May to you all!

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