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A Crafter's Best Friend

by - Friday, May 02, 2014

So today I've got something very beautiful for you!

This gorgeous little creation is a pin cushion ring, made by Michelle from Spotted Rose. You can visit her blog here (do, seriously, it's lovely) and can buy her rings here.

I was lucky enough to win this Liberty print one on an Instagram giveaway she ran, and it's just beautiful.

Now, I'd never seen one of these before, (and haven't seen them anywhere since) but it's such a wonderful idea I can't understand how I didn't know about them! It's the height of convenience for the haberdasher in you, but will undeniably put a smile on your face every time you use it... Who knew something so convenient could be down right stunning!?

The thing I really love about this ring is the way the fabric is neatly folded and perched inside the scallop edging. It's just something that looks so effortlessly pretty.

I adore the print, too and Michelle's definitely got the right eye for creating a perfect colour scheme with the added ribbon and dainty little pins.

The rings are all adjustable so will fit any finger and come in a range of different colours. The ones on her Etsy shop are all felted which I'm totally in love with. They're like adorable little bunny tails for your hands... although, try not to think about that when you pop the pins in please!

It honestly is an essential piece that all crafters should have. Even if you don't craft, you should buy one just for decoration! It still looks gorgeous in my sewing kit when it's not being used, but is even more so when it is.

I know it's out of season but these rings would also make brilliant little stocking fillers... just a thought! They'd be a great gift for the crafter who thinks she already has everything, but I tell you, she doesn't until she's wearing one of these...

Happy Friday and have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. This is a definite NEED it's so cute and would be so helpful to have around!


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