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Tales from the Potting Bench | Time for the Tubers

by - Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Planting Tubers in Pots
It's Tuber Tuesday!

This fab little collection of pots is one of the things I did at the weekend.

Although the packs say plant April to June, I went ahead and planted them on the 29th March... daring I know! ;)

Planting Tubers in Pots

Of course, now I'm stuck in that 'do I put them outside, do I keep them inside' frantic frost fear thing that I don't like about this time of year! Just as it seems we may not get more frost we have one super chilly morning, so I just can't risk it right now. But, are they getting enough light inside? Eek, this is tough.

These little guys mean a lot to me as I planted two dahlia tubers last year that grew up to my waist, so I like this tuber thing. I've gone for a truck load of dahlias and a few anemones, and I've got more seeds to sow when the ground is warmer.

The only thing is, although it's fun growing from scratch, it's a hec of a lot more nerve racking than buying summer bedding plants. Will they do ok? Am I looking after them correctly? Will they go the same way as the seeds that I spent loads on then buggered up royally!?

Planting Tubers in Pots

Ok, so I don't know if I've buggered my seeds yet. I've got seedlings, but tried to pot a few up at the weekend and they all seem to have withered. I promptly put the lids back on the remaining propagators and ran away to hide, trying to pretend I hadn't touched anything!

I think I'll tackle that one later on... :$

Much love!

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