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Tales from the Potting Bench | Egg Box Propagating Part 1

by - Thursday, April 17, 2014

I saw this fab little idea on Pinterest and decided to have a little go at it the other weekend. I've been collecting these egg boxes for some time and am now in LOVE with this idea.

I won't write you a how-to because it's super simple. I always mix my compost with a handful of Fish, Blood and Bone plant food, but other than that, it's somewhat self-explanatory...

So you fill 'em up, poke your chosen seed into the compost, cover with some more and water well.

Stick them on a light, bright and warm windowsill and let your smile broaden every day as they grow taller and taller... Keep them well watered and rotate the boxes if the seedlings make a beeline for the window (they will) to keep them straight.

It really is that simple! Since my return from the gorgeous Gloucestershire they are looking glorious. The Ruby Sunflowers are about 5 inches tall already and the Sweet Peas are about 2-3. And that's only two weeks worth of growing!

To see the progress on the egg boxes, read part 2 here!

Don't forget, if you need some inspiration for Easter this weekend, here are my Easter Decorating tips and a scrummy recipe for my Creme Egg Florentines!

Have a FABULOUS Easter break, you lovely people!

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