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I Heart Hogben

by - Monday, April 28, 2014

I came across this beauty at the Country Living Spring Fair back in March. My three favourite stalls seemed to be the collective favourite of the day and it was somewhat of a fight to get within reach of the gorgeous products! The Hogben stall was the busiest, and I can totally see why.

I very happily came away with this chap, after re-visiting the stand about 3 times as I couldn't decide which design I wanted. (There was a phenomenal range of choice!)

The range includes mugs and jugs in various sizes, along with a beautiful selection of cards, too. The designs themselves range from bunnies to bumblebees, hearts to hens, and you can expect to see the occasional flower or two. The colours in the range are warm pink, natural cream, soft grey, olive green and this dusky blue.

Hogben Pottery oozes a personality of it's own, featuring adorable faces to steal your heart. As each unique item is hand-made, every piece adopts it's own character and warmth. The love and care that has gone into making them is radiated in the beautifully turned shapes and delicately painted details, all in all, making the perfect item you'll want to use day after day.

The pieces are incredibly well made and mine is putting up very nicely with daily use (and admiration!) I wouldn't advise putting it in the dishwasher though as it's just not worth taking the risk.

This little fella is definitely worth waking up to; he brings my morning tea and a beaming smile every day...

You can find a selection of pieces to buy on Jane's website, Hogben Pottery, but may well find a larger range if you catch them at one of the fairs, like I did.

I see much more Hogben in my future, (quite likely the glorious little hen on a jug for homegrown flowers) and hope you may make a place for it, not only in your kitchen, but your heart, too!

Thanks for reading today,

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  1. Ummm OH MY WORD! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that mug! I would have snatched that right out of your hands had I been there! :D


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