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Pick of the Week #3

by - Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's that time again, for another Pick of the Week!

As usual, in the run up to my Birthday I had envisaged having my camera at all times to take lots of fantastically artsy photos that were full of Birthday love.

But, as usual, everything was so crazy (but lovely) that I barely took any photos at all. So, this selection is not the artsy beautiful celebratory montage that I'd hoped, it's something a little more real.

These are the rough snaps I took on my phone whilst in a hurry, whilst being super excited and whilst covered in cake. They're the reality of my Birthday weekend, so I can't fault them!

Hope you all enjoyed the last week, I'm a little sad all the Birthday love is over now but onwards and upwards... and hopefully into summer..!

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