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In the Garden Once Again

by - Monday, February 03, 2014

gardener february garden

Well hello friends! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Wasn't the weather beautiful!?Right from the moment the light began to creep through the bedroom curtains on Saturday morning through to us working out in the garden until it got dark last night, it felt like spring had honestly sprung!

Of course there's been a nip in the air all weekend but the sun streaming through the house has lifted my spirits higher than the cloudless sky! There's nothing better than that bright and gentle reminder that warmer weather is on it's way and the chills of winter are tiptoe-ing into the past.

And as I've been itching for summer to roll up, it made sense to make the most of this glorious weather and get out in the garden once again. (Albeit in thermals).

So I took my camera and my pottering hands and spent a short while wandering round outside, primping and preening, poking and pruning.

snowdrops in february

But mostly, just enjoying the beauty of nature and those precious first signs of the changing seasons.

gardener using secateurs

graham bell scented yellow rose

hydrangea bud in spring

I'm a little worried about this one... I'm pretty sure my rose should definitely not be flowering in February! It's a summer rose after all. I don't mind it if we don't get any frost, but it's going to be a few months yet until we're safely on the other side of the cold... Please hold on, little Graham Bell.

hazel tree budding

I think it's this mild winter we've had so far... everything seems to think it's April and there are new buds appearing all over the garden.

winter aconite in february

If anyone can tell me what this yellow flower is, I'd love to know. I predict it's a weed but there are a few dotted about and they're quite pretty. They remind me of David Bowie's clown with their showy ruffled collars!

apple tree branches and february sky

The Iris' are coming up a treat too. These grow almost as tall as me and all flower in ice white. They seem to be getting somewhat of a head start on themselves this year.

hand tied bird feeder for winter

I replenished the bird feeders too, so I can watch them from the kitchen and we can all have our breakfast together.

chimney top in late winter sun

And then the sun slowly sank below the horizon and allowed the last hints of it's light to gently dance upon the chimney tops. It was a beautiful way to end the day.

Well, that and heading inside to an incredibly warm house to start my first ever roast beef.

I love Sundays.

Have a wonderful week everyone and I'll see you back here soon,

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  1. Have you had lovely weather in East Anglia? We've had some massive rain in OXON. But now I'm in Vancouver where it's lovely and sunny and I have some snowdrops in the garden too. I wonder if the aconites are out yet. I'll go check. :) Hope your weather and garden stays sunny and you have a lovely week. :)

    1. Hi Veronica, we had torrential rain for the last week - two weeks, then just like that it was blue skies and sunshine all weekend! It was so beautiful, having lots of rain makes you appreciate the skies being clear! I'm glad you've now got some sun too, I think we're nicely (hopefully) on the way to spring now. Have a fab week too! :) X


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