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February Garden | 2014

by - Thursday, February 20, 2014

Holy Hydrangea, Batman!

Ok, so these aren't February flowers. And they actually only spent about 2 hours in my garden before being safely whisked inside. But, it is February and I've got a mini garden update for you... and these hydrangeas are involved in their own happy way!

I picked these two beauties up at my local garden centre at the weekend for a very nice, very reduced price. I'm so eager to get back out in the garden again.

I've since brought them inside and popped them by the brightest window in the house, so they can get lots of light while keeping toasty warm. Unlike me, they're just not ready to be outside yet.

As soon as the weather warms up they'll be heading back out into the garden with me and there they shall stay... As will I.

Did I mention I want to be outside again?

Oh, I did? I see.

So, anyway, in terms of my actual February garden, there's not much more to tell at present...

Other than my desperate, desperate need to have colour and fragrance back there again. And something perky to greet me as I walk up the steps after a long day.

So I made that happen. It's still (just) dark when I get home but I can feel the light gently trying to take back it's rightful hours and I really can't wait until it has.

I mean, evening light. What's that when it's at home?

Oh yeah, I know. GLORIOUS. That's what it is.

We're off to my very favourite garden centre this weekend, and I would be rather happy if my Sunday went the same as last week's did.

I spent the morning drinking coffee and chatting IN THE GARDEN at my parents' house, might I add with the SUN ON MY FACE!

Then the afternoon I spent back home gardening and pottering about, with the birds singing their little chirpy hearts out. I was outside until way after dark, then poodled inside to make a wonderful cosy chilli.

Sunday was a good day.

Thanks so much for reading today,

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