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Happy New Year!

by - Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Good evening friends, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! As beautiful as 2013 was, I am very pleased to welcome 2014, and even more pleased to be heading towards spring and summer once again. To welcome in the new year, I'm having a little bloggy recap, and I'd love you to join me...

So, 2013 in the land of Badgertails. Where to start!?

I guess we'll start with when the blog properly got going, and my favourite time of year:

2013 has particularly been a fab year for this little blog. It all got moving in spring, and despite not having much time to post this Christmas, it's still been full steam ahead ever since.

The most important thing (and the whole reason I blog) is that it makes me happy. Being here to create, to photograph and to write means so much to me, and you lovely people that pop by keep me inspired to carry on creating. I'd like to slip in a big thank you to you all for sticking around and staying by my side while I prattle on about, well, what I blog about!
home decorating for spring
home decorating for spring

easter recipes chocolate cake mini eggs spring desserts

home decorating for easter with eggs

 Spring was a big thing for me... being able to go all out with Easter decorating, doing my first proper shoot of a recipe, and even having a little photoshoot myself, to put a face to the blog.

Ahh, summer! It was a glorious one, wasn't it?

I have been absolutely itching to get out in the garden lately, but it's too darn wet and cold at the moment, so instead I've been reminiscing about last summer. And what a good one it was! The garden was the best it's ever been, and my knowledge and experience on gardening has greatly improved as a result. Here's the little space at chez Badger, at it's summery peak:

summer garden outside seating area small garden ideas

badgertails july garden small white butterfly on lilac lobelia pieris rapae

pink and white painted speckled dahlais in full bloom

 birdcage lights and balloon garland summer garden decorating dining

small english country garden in august summer

lilac petunias with rain drops on delicate petals after storm

It's also played host to more wonderful things, like:

French holidays...

lady wearing marks and spencer top with tan smiling in summer sunshine

french bread baguette on table outside summer dining

...fresh cut flowers, all around the house...

snowball shrub white flower cutting in floral jug on mantle

...craft projects, in the garden!

baroque frame upcycle painting decorating white shabby chic

...and renovating our little home...

cloakroom makeover cream walls bunting decorating DIY

...playing with new recipes...
raspberry rose cupcakes with rose water frosting food photography
...making the most of shooting outdoors..

chocolate cupcakes with orange blossom frosting food photography

...and developing my styling and photography with every new piece.

I even did a guest post for the first time, for my lovely friend over at The Velvet Moon Baker. If you haven't already, do go and say hello, she's a wonderful and very talented lady.

casino cakes tower cake recipe red and black velvet food photography

Oooh, I had a lot of fun in autumn! It was the first time that I decorated for the season, after being inspired by the glorious talent on Pinterest and other blogs too.

homemade decorative sign word posters autumn

homemade decorative sign word posters autumn pumpkin

autumn home decorating hand made book page wreath hessian burlap craft projects

Oh, and we built our new mantlepiece too. That was a big step for me as it opened up a world of decorating possibilities... just in time for Christmas!

So, I decorated for autumn,

spicy chorizo risotto recipe autumn winter

cooked for autumn...

blackberry and apple crunchy pie recipe sponge pudding autumn

...and dressed for autumn, too.

autumn fashion and conker

autumn fashion

And loved every minute! It was a beautiful season, full of wonderful meals and lots of time spent outside. Then it crept very slowly into..

It was a bit of a late starter but we were certainly early with getting Christmas on a roll!

chocolate cupcakes with peppermint ice frosting food photography

christmas decoration glitter white heart wreath winter wonderland

christmas decoration winter wonderland mercury glass trees silver and white

christmas decoration heirloom luxe white artificial tree with dusky pink

christmas decoration macro photography gift ideas wrapping paper

portrait of lady in navy velvet dress by christmas tree

This whole festive season couldn't have been more perfect. Other than one very special family member not being able to make it over, and my dear Joely being across the country, I have been in the company of all my wonderful family throughout the holiday. I am so utterly grateful to have created such wonderful memories, and thank each and every one that has been there, creating them with me.

So, 2014! Hello and thank you for inviting me. I can't wait to get started on a few new things, and carry on creating for the blog. In terms of resolutions, mine's a small effort but a big change.

For the last week, I've been off work, and have been doing something every day that makes me happier than ever: Simply being at home.

Often with various family round, but just as often completely by myself, I've had Classic Fm softly weaving through the house, fairy lights gently twinkling to the sounds, candles flickering away and a pure sense of serenity and calm drifting not only through every room, but through my soul.

It has been my absolute bliss.

So, I intend to put great effort into recreating this at every opportunity. I know it's not always so easy, especially when getting home from a long day at work, but I don't ever want to forget how content I feel right now.

And that's the most important thing for me to remember throughout this fresh new year.

Simply being content.

I thank you so much for reading today, Happy New Year to you all and I can't wait to see where it all takes us.

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