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It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

by - Sunday, December 08, 2013

Well hello, and happy weekend to you all! The festive season is well and truly upon us and it's about time I showed you what we've been up to in our Christmas home!
Last weekend was the time that I'd been counting down to for a while: Decorating Day. We've done ours a lot earlier this year to give me a bit more time to primp, play and post, of course!

I've got four decorated rooms and three decorated trees this year, each with their own little theme. The biggest decision I have left to make now is exactly how to do my tablescape for Boxing Day. I know this will be a White Christmas theme, but I have yet to bring it all together. We'll find out where that's going nearer to the day.

So, the first of my themes is Winter Wonderland. I've had this one in my head for a long time and it has also meant that I've been able to play around with our new mantlepiece. (The making process for which can be seen here). This is the first thing you see when entering the living room so it's become a real show-stopper!

These gorgeous glass mercury-effect trees are from the Heirloom range at Wilko.

The white glossy 'Snow' letters were from Marks & Spencer last Christmas, but they've got a matte version in their stores this year. I can't find them online but the Christmas section on their website is here.

These stockings were from Wilko's Heirloom range again. (See link above).

These snow-tipped pine cones are from the 'Make Your Own Wreath' section at Wilko, and the filigree fairy lights are the smaller, battery operated version of these, again from Wilko.

The glitter heart wreath is from QD. Everything else is just part of my decoration collection from over the years, including hand-me-downs and charity shop purchases!

If you want to create a winter wonderland theme of your own, my tips are:

~ Just play! Place bits and bobs and decide as you go along if they're working for the space. Keep adding things until you feel the display is complete. The glitter string across the front of the mantle was a total experiment (and a pain in the bottom to put up!) but it ended up tying everything in together.

~ This theme is all about the whites and silvers. It is most powerful without any colour, although of course our teal chimney makes the whole thing pop. Keeping a simple colour palette allows the shapes and textures to do all the talking.

~ Warm white bulbs with a clear cable are your new best friend! This allows everything to twinkle naturally without being obviously lit.

~ Be creative with what you use. The snow-tipped pinecones are actually for decorating Christmas wreaths, but they work beautifully nestled in amongst tinsel.

~ Don't always feel everything needs to be symmetrical. My mercury effect trees work much better together on one side. Quite often, clusters of matching items have a much bigger impact as a whole.

~ Battery operated fairy lights are a must for those difficult places far from mains sockets. They give you all the freedom you need, and no unsightly cables draping to the plug!

So that's my first Christmas theme and my favourite, too! I will be posting later on in the week about my other two decorating themes: Candy Kisses and Heirloom Luxe.

Watch this space!

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