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Heirloom Luxe: My Christmas Home

by - Monday, December 16, 2013

Hello and happy Monday to you all! I promised another peek into my Christmas home last week so here it is! This one features my new decorations that now make my 'Heirloom Luxe' Christmas theme that I absolutely love!
This beautiful vintage colour scheme is gracing our newly redecorated kitchen, which is something I will be featuring in the next Affordable Interiors chapter very soon...

I've always been rather against white Christmas trees, feeling that they were a bit too tacky. I'm sure many of you feel this way too, and are just as surprised as me because I now own one... and LOVE it!

I don't know what it was, but when we went to get our real tree at Homebase, I found myself walking back to this little white tree over and over again, until I finally decided to grab a box (the last one left - it was meant to be!) and run to the till.

What I love about it is being able to decorate with pastels, and still have everything light and bright around it. The glow of the fairy lights makes it look warm and delicate, and with the addition of a few hand picked items, it's suddenly become a staple in our Christmas home.

All the baubles on this tree are from Wilko, as are the little battery powered fairy lights.

This theme is all about being delicate and feminine...

 ...with little hints of lace and glitter...

...and accessories that reflect the soft glow of the lights...

...with little treasures peeking through...

...subtle pieces to soften and smooth...

...and pretty shapes perched on top...

...that together, make a beautiful feature in a festive home.

If you still have yet to decorate, and want to try my Heirloom Luxe theme, here are my tips:

~ To keep the look soft, use materials instead of tinsel. After placing the lights, drape fabric over the branches and lastly, hang the baubles. Crochet and Lace work perfectly for this

~ This colour scheme can work with a traditional green tree too

~ Gentle lighting works best with this theme. The tree looks fab with the lights off as well, so just a twinkle is all that's needed

~ Get creative when it comes to the tree top! My silver leaf heart was a hanging decoration that, with (a lot of) encouragement now stands upright, in pride of place!

~ To complete the theme, wrap your presents in a matching colour scheme to make extra little decorations and add interest to the base of the tree (this is also great for covering up an unsightly base!)

~ Never assume the best decorations have to be expensive; Wilko sell the most beautiful decorations, all at a fraction of the price!

~ If your branches allow it, tuck some of the lights in close to the central trunk... this gives more softness and depth to the tree

~ There are so many ways to describe this style; Grown-Up Glam, Antique Treasures, White Christmas and Vintage Magic, but to name a few! Make it whatever suits you and your home

Most of all, just have fun! This is my new favourite tree (shh, don't tell the other two!) and am so pleased I succumbed to it!

I'd love to know what you're all up to with your Christmas decorating, please feel free to link back in comments so I can have a browse!

...and is it just me or is it getting VERY near to the big day!?

Happy holidays everyone!

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