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A Wonderful Winter Wreath

by - Friday, December 20, 2013

Hello there! I hope you're all enjoying your run up to Christmas. The fact I'm even able to write a second post in the space of a week is a sure sign that things are finally beginning to ease off! It has literally been manic these last two months; working 11 hour days without so much as a 5 minute break pretty much sums it all up. Plus on top of that, trying to get ready for hosting our first Chrimble too!

It's been never ending. And I apologise to all my lovely people for the fact it seems like I have disappeared off the face of the earth! But, time seems to finally be back on my side (please, please stay by my side) so I'm now beginning to feel a lot like Christmas... I think!

Today I thought I'd share with you my Christmas wreath that I made last weekend. It's a little late up on the door than usual but that doesn't make me smile any less when I arrive home.

Firstly, here's our one from Christmas last year:

Just a quick phone snap I'm afraid. I bought the holly wreath bare, then added on the cinnamon, orange slices and berries by hand, that I'd bought in Poland on a festive shopping trip that winter. My local florist very kindly tied the bow for me, which completed the wreath perfectly.

This year, I decided to follow my White Christmas theme that I've got around the house, and also went down the fresh cut flowers route too. This is something I've never done before, so I will see how the fresh flowers last over time.

You can see how I've attached the flowers in the photo above. I don't know if it's a bad idea to pierce a rose in this manner, but again, we'll see how it lasts...

And here she is! So I started with a bare holly base again, and used florists' wire to tie everything on. I opted for white roses, gypsophelia and mistletoe, and tied them all together with the orange slices and cinnamon from last year.

My lovely florist again tied me the beautiful bow, although looking back on last years wreath it's not quite as much of a statement this time! I definitely like the larger style, so that's something to plan for next time round.

I also decided to put my bow at the bottom to channel a bit of traditional American Christmas. I've always thought that a top bow is very English, a bottom bow is very American. I have no idea why, it's just something I've felt ever since I was young. Do let me know if I've plucked this theory out of nowhere!?

My favourite thing about this wreath is the teeny tiny dash of blush pink at the tip of the white roses. It is so subtle, but totally reminds me of rosy winter cheeks in the snow!

So there it is. It's really starting to feel a bit more Christmassy now, because I'm finally slowing down and smelling the blush white roses!

I do hope you all have a wonderful Christmas time, but I will be back before then, I've got lots more in store for you now I've got the time to create...

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